About UHAA

Since 1940, the University of Houston Alumni Association has served and supported the University of Houston, its over 200,000 alumni, its friends, and the community it calls home. On September 1, 2013, UHAA merged most of its operations into the university's Office of Advancement. This merger allows UHAA and UH to align the university's services to alumni with the activities of the alumni association, with the goal of enabling and encouraging lifelong alumni relationship with UH.

From student scholarships and legislative advocacy, to alumni networks and communications, UHAA is working to enhance the value of your degree and your alumni experience.

Mission Statement

Serving and supporting the University of Houston, its alumni and its students.

Vision Statement

The University of Houston Alumni Association is a global community of alumni and friends committed to and sharing pride in the growth and support of the University of Houston as a premier institution.

Our commitment and pride are demonstrated through active participation, leadership and financial support.

Core Values

* Commitment
* Leadership
* Integrity
* Inclusiveness
* Fun
* Teamwork

To meet the hard-working alumni professionals who carry those values with them every day, visit our staff page. Or better yet, stop by our office and say hello!